Why Have Low Dead Space Syringes Gained Notoriety During the Pandemic?

Discover why low dead space syringes have gained notoriety during the pandemic and how they offer benefits such as accurate drug delivery, reduced wastage, and decreased risk of infection spread. Learn how these syringes can maximize vaccine doses and potentially save lives during mass vaccination campaigns. Explore the importance of low dead space syringes in the era of COVID-19 and how they can ensure equitable vaccine access worldwide. Medriva is a trusted provider of low dead space syringes that meet international regulatory standards.

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Unlike plastic syringes that can be dispensed easily, this type of syringe has several disadvantages, including the risk of disease transmission, waste of medication, and inaccuracy of dosage. Plastic syringes have been used for decades, but they have several disadvantages, including incomplete dosage and wasted medication.


A global influenza pandemic poses such an almost unprecedented threat that stockpiling of suitable drugs and devices should begin immediately. A syringe is a crucial device for administering vaccines. Considering the risk of millions of people getting infected and a shortage of vaccines, it is evident that syringes used to administer vaccinations waste as few vaccines as possible, allowing maximum vaccinations to be administered. We have provided measured dosing-accuracy, dose capacity per vial, medication wastages, and ergonomic features of seven leading candidate vaccine syringes during the content.

It is possible that the Flu+TM syringe's low dead-space volume and its accuracy made it superior to others in all categories. The data indicate that if the current 10-dose vials are used, switching to these devices would result in between 2 to 19% more vaccine doses/vial than the other devices tested. According to the data, mass vaccination campaigns could reach tens of thousands to millions of additional individuals. In the event of an influenza pandemic, the use of syringes of this type would likely reduce morbidity and mortality.

A new warning regarding H5N1-avian influenza is raised almost every day. Due to its relentless march from Asian countries, its striking case - mortality rate, and its expected 'humanization' (ability to spread easily from person-person), the disease is causing tremor(s) worldwide. Everybody wonders if this could be another 1918.’’1918.’’1918." Perhaps the greatest catastrophe in history was the 1918 influenza pandemic. As many as 100 million people have died worldwide, according to the recent estimate(s), which now include deaths from the countries of India and China.


Conventional syringes generally have a lot of "dead space" between plungers and needles. Low-dead space syringes minimize this space.

Syringes with low-dead space are relatively new products in medicines. These are all available in approximately two configurations, i.e., fixed and detachable needles.



Low-dead space syringes offer the following benefits:

  • Therefore, less wastage of drugs is injected, resulting in more accurate delivery.
  • Overdosing and underdosing of medications are relatively rare.
  • The proper dosage of drugs improves radiographic imaging methods.
  • The possibility of infection spreadings is reduced since no residual drops of blood are present during phlebotomy.

The risks of contracting HIV, Hepatitis B, or C are zero.


The Era of the LDS

In the race for viable vaccines, the COVID-19 pandemic and frightening COVID-19 pandemic, syringes with small dead spaces became important. The government considered stockpiling vaccine administration devices even before the mass-vaccination campaign(s) started in December 2020. Vaccines could be administered to many people using a syringe because it didn't waste the vaccine. As a result of logistical challenges and other factors, the number of COVID vaccines has been decreasing worldwide. This remains no doubt a great medical imperative.

Low-dead space syringes reduce wastage significantly because little/no vaccine remains between the plunger and the needle. This is illustrated by pharmacists' discovery earlier in the same year of extracting six - and in some cases even seven - doses from standard five-dose Pfizer vials using a syringe with low-dead space. On the contrary, some conventional syringes could extract five doses from a similar vial. The significant increase in supplies will surely result in a sudden increase in vaccinations. Experts estimate that thousands to millions of people will have vaccines due to the increase in supply.


According to the WHO, vaccines for COVID-19 must have equitable access throughout the world. In the same nation, governments need to pay attention to supply gaps and ensure the availability of low-dead space needles and syringes in vaccine distribution centers to ensure adequate vaccine supplies for priority groups.

Medriva is helping to meet global syringe demands through the complete production of low-dead space syringes worldwide, experiencing the spread of new COVID variants. We make the best syringes ever, following WHO specifications for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), PAHO country, Brazil, plus African countries' mass vaccination programs. They meet all of the regulatory standards to the highest degree.

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