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Injection Series

Medriva is a world leading manufacturer and provider of safety injection needles and syringes, continually pioneering the development of high-quality, easy-to-use injection devices designed to protect healthcare workers from needle-stick injuries and exposure to blood borne pathogens. We offer one of the most complete lines of advanced safety-engineered products in the industry.

Medriva manufacturers conventional hypodermic products that include syringes, needles and needle-syringe combinations, safety injection solutions including auto-disabled syringes, and ready to fill pre-filled syringes that support medication and vaccination delivery to the healthcare industry. Medriva rapidly scaled its annual production output to two billion syringes that globally services customers such as: PAHO, UNICEF, Health Canada, Ministero della Difesa, and Sinovac.


Medriva - Covid-19 Rapid Testing Kit | Injections & Infusion Devices

A worldwide shortage of COVID-19 vaccination syringes

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic back in March 2020, the virus has claimed more than 10 million lives globally. In June 2021, widespread panic and supply chain imbalances resulted in the WHO announcing, the worldwide shortage of COVID-19 vaccination syringes. This created crippling headaches for governments and health organisations globally, as they could not meet critical vaccination targets to relieve pressure off health care systems around the world.

Two billion COVID-19 vaccinations in less than 2 years

Under a year on from this announcement, on February 2022, Medriva has proudly aided 1 billion COVID-19 vaccinations worldwide. We aren’t stopping there, as we stand committed for over a billion more in 2022.

The importance of vaccine consumables for exiting the pandemic

COVID-19 has seen the world impacted in almost every corner of life, from global economies, to the way we interact with our loved ones. With such emphasis put on how important the vaccine is to a sustainable exit from the pandemic, the world seemed to forget about the obvious problem they were faced with huge impacts on our supply chain and manufacturing systems. There were simply not enough raw materials for syringes to deliver the huge scales of vaccine doses imposed by government regulations.  

“It is estimated that one out of every five syringes used in COVID-19 vaccinations this year will be a MEDRIVA syringe.”

Medriva R&D

While the world raced to deliver and develop more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine than it ever has for any disease in history. This, lead to significant neglect of production efforts to prepare for vaccine consumables. Ever since the start of the pandemic, Medriva has been working closely with top epidemiologists, manufacturers and leading health organisations to successfully deliver our products to cover over at least 15% of the world’s population. We stand committed into our fight to help vaccinate the world from this pandemic and will always ensure every country has access to vaccine supplies.

At Medriva, we are proud to be #ONEBILLIONSTRONG.

Injection Series

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Medriva specializes in supporting medication delivery and offers a line of both standard and safety needles and syringes. Our Medriva needles and syringes are engineered to keep patients and clinicians safe at every step, from vaccine and medication delivery to disposal.

By making medical devices disposable, the number of incidences of patients being infected has been greatly reduced. Even then, the complete elimination of needle-stick injuries and miss-dosage of drugs, and the absolute guarantee of greater safety for medical personnel and patients have become major issues. The consideration of environmental problems caused by medical waste is also something that must be addressed. At Medriva, we are in the forefront of the prevention of needle-stick and miss-connection incidents and are bringing out more and more unique products that can help to maintain a truly safe system. We have taken the initiative in the development and utilization of new materials and devices that are friendly both to people and the environment.

In 1999, WHO and UNICEF began to address the spread of blood-borne diseases through reuse of needles and syringes by recommending that auto-disable syringes be used for all immunizations. Since that time, auto-disable syringes have become widely accepted by the international healthcare community. AD syringes are recommended for immunization programmes because they are designed to prevent re-use by locking automatically after a single use. They are the best way of ensuring that people receive their shots safely, without a risk of contracting an infection due to contaminated needles. The AD syringes bought for this immense operation are similar to those routinely procured and delivered by UNICEF for the vaccination of children worldwide.

The pre-fillable syringe market has grown significantly in the past years. Pharmaceutical companies are developing an increasing number of drug products in injectable formats, since this packaging type offers
exceptional benefits: decreased total cost of ownership, improved drug-container compatibility, and increased patient safety. Medriva’s PFS provides pharmaceutical manufacturers, health-care providers, and patients with several benefits that include: patient compliance, reduction of dosing errors, minimized risk of contamination, and the promotion of safe injections.

Medriva is built on protection. We strive to achieve patient health. And we’ll get there using innovation, product development, and the most advanced R&D team.