Pregnant women in Harare’s densely populated Stoneridge suburb are ecstatic that the Second Republic has introduced maternal healthcare to them. Residents had to commute to Harare or Chitungwiza for health care for years, but it is no longer the case now that President Mnangagwa has finally launched a cutting-edge clinic that began accepting patients on Friday last week.

By providing inpatient facilities, x-ray amenities, maternity,  health personnel housing, outpatient, mortuary, and incinerator the 22-bed health centre will save residents time and money on transportation. Residents of Harare South benefited not only from having healthcare delivered close to their homes but also from contributing to the facility’s construction.

Our news team visited the recently opened health facility yesterday and spoke with beneficiaries who showed gratitude for President Mnangagwa’s administration.

Mrs Tsitsi Chasi, a former patient who now a caretaker in the clinic, said the clinic assisted her.  “We are relieved that it has a maternity section because we have had issues with women giving birth at home. Some stillborn babies and mothers would perish. “We hope to save lives by opening the clinic. I hope that the government will also build a school and repair local roads “She stated.

Mr. Cuthbert Rugoto, who has lived in Stoneridge, claims that residents used to have to walk long distances to get medical care. “The issue was the cost of transportation to such healthcare facilities. That pressure has been lifted, and we thank the government “This is exactly what he said.

The clinic has been built in accordance with the Second Republic’s vision of embarking on a large infrastructure growth and social investment plan intended to transform Zimbabwe into an upper-middle-income society by 2030. The National Development Strategy1 has identified critical social services and the development of layouts as the enabler of long-term socio-economic development.

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