Zanzibar Insurance Corporation (ZIC) has vowed to keep assisting the government and different parties, including the company’s clients, in enhancing the health care system on the islands of Tanzania. 

At a press conference ahead of the ZIC’s 53rd anniversary of its founding, Mr. Jape Khamis gave a press conference and stated that in addition to the assistance, the company will also be giving surprise gifts to its clients all around the nation this week.

He said that in honor of the 53rd anniversary, ZIC had planned several activities, including a donation of medical supplies to Zanzibar’s Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital.

“This year’s exercise in gift-giving began yesterday and will go through June 20. All clients who approach our offices or agents to receive various kinds of services will be offered the gifts,” said Mr. Khamis.

Speaking about the donation of medical supplies, Mr. Khamis said it was part of the support for the government of Tanzania and many stakeholders, including the company’s clients, in enhancing the health sector in the Tanzanian islands. The event is anticipated to take place on Saturday of this week.

“ZIC has made significant investments in Tanzania’s healthcare industry for many years. We have devoted this anniversary to funding this public hospital in the Isles because we are aware of the government’s commitment to strengthening the health care sector” Mr. Khamis stated. 

He also added, “Our customers will be able to access all of the fundamental services we provide, including the issuing of insurance, through the ZIC App. They will also be able to learn more about the service and the company as a whole. We should congratulate our consumers on this significant business and service transformation while also enabling them to exchange numerous chances among themselves through the event,”

He made a plea to their stakeholders and clients all over the nation to keep using ZIC’s services, such as the new application, which intends to make it easier to access its assistance and services without going to the company’s physical offices.

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