In the coming months, millions of Covid certificates will expire in Switzerland. What action will the government take?

In Switzerland, a Covid certificate is not required, but it may be required elsewhere. On September 14, 2021, a photograph taken in Lausanne shows a Swiss Covid certificate displayed on a smartphone and a fork and knife, as Switzerland decided to widely extend the obligation of health pass in the face of a Covid-19 pandemic that continues to fill hospitals and intensive care beds, as well as an insufficient vaccination rate. Beginning September 13, 2021, a Covid certificate will be required to enter a restaurant or a bar, as well as an exhibition space, a cinema, or an indoor sporting event. 

Because certificates are acceptable for 9 months after the 2nd vaccine dose or booster, 20 Minutes reports that “millions of Swiss Covid certificates will expire by autumn at the latest.”

The nine-month period is drawing to a close, with many Swiss receiving their most recent shot by late 2021.

Even though this is no longer an issue in Switzerland because proof of vaccination is not required anymore in the country, it may cause issues when travelling.

Many people may be unable to travel outside of Switzerland because many nations still require an entry vaccination certificate, and the second dose of boosters is not yet obtainable in Switzerland.

While other nations have started giving a second booster dose, Swiss medical authorities are delaying, with no recommendation for a fourth dose.

Some MPs are concerned and have urged the authorities to make more boosters available as soon as possible.

“This must not happen again,” MP Fabian Molina said, adding that those travelling abroad must get re-vaccinated as needed.

 Yvonne Feri, another deputy, stated that the government and cantons should prepare to get the vaccination done again soon.

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