Hanoi, 23 May- The National Assembly of Vietnam began debating more than a dozen programs aimed at combatting Covid-19 and rebuilding the country’s economy on Monday.

According to the Vietnam News Agency, MPs are convening in the third session of the Legislative Assembly to study five draught bills and three draught resolutions aimed at supporting safe and effective pandemic adaptation and control, as well as economic recovery (VNA).

During the 19-day summit, the state budget will also be discussed.

Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh emphasised the country’s successes in a variety of disciplines, as well as the country’s collaborative efforts with citizens, political, and corporate players, under the leadership of the Communist Party’s Central Committee and the Government.

He emphasised Vietnam’s high Covid-19 immunisation coverage, which places it among the world’s top six.

The Vietnamese president claims that the country’s GDP grew by more than 5% in the first quarters of 2020 and 2021.

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