Over 1.3 million Kazakhs received the full vaccination of Pfizer

Learn about the COVID-19 vaccination progress in Kazakhstan, with over 1.3 million Kazakhs fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Find out the number of first and second doses administered and the demographics of recipients.

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According to a report from Kazinform, the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan has revealed data on the sum of persons who have been immunized against the covid infection.


As of the 17th of June in 2022, 9,517,563 people had received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, and 9,296,347 people had received their second dosage of the vaccine.

There were 1,211,467 individuals who received their first shot of the Pfizer vaccination, and 1,103,584 individuals received their second dosage of the Pfizer vaccine.

Teenagers - 863,860 of those who had their first Pfizer injection, while pregnant women - 40,937 and nursing mothers - 144,453 of those who got the vaccine.

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