Moderna’s vaccine research and manufacturing center in the UK

Discover how Moderna's strategic partnership with the UK government is set to revolutionize vaccine development and manufacturing. With a state-of-the-art research and manufacturing center, the UK will become a superpower in science and ensure a consistent supply of cutting-edge vaccines for respiratory diseases. Find out how this partnership will future-proof the UK's healthcare system and enhance its ability to respond to future pandemics.

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The next generation of mRNA vaccines and treatments will now be available to NHS patients as the government signs an agreement with Moderna for a strategic partnership. Moderna is set to endorse the UK as the superpower in Science. 


The government has signed an agreement with Moderna to build a state-of-art manufacturing unit and a research unit in the UK. This new technology center that would be established would develop cutting-edge vaccines for various respiratory diseases. The idea behind this establishment is to make UK future-proof from any threats like Covid and other such diseases that pose a health threat to the people. 

The company is also set to establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing center to lay at people’s disposal the vaccines of Covid and would be able to quickly produce medicines that target other respiratory diseases. This would ensure that people are able to have an access to the latest vaccine technology which would give the UK a consistent homemade supply of medicines.  

The Company’s manufacturing center will be able to produce vaccines rapidly and boost up UK’s ability to respond to any pandemics in the future. 


mRNA technology has by far proven the best and fastest way to develop vaccines that are highly effective. It has proved its potential to be a breakthrough in developing vaccines for various diseases and in various areas. Thus, the new center to be developed will focus on developing revolutionary treatments to benefit the NHS patients and people worldwide. 

With the agreement signed, the construction of the manufacturing center is believed to commence this year and the first mRNA vaccine in the UK would be produced by 2025.

The partnership has been built on a strong and close relationship between the UK and Moderna, which worked closely with the vaccine task force during the hard times of Covid.

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