Iran Looking at Third Wave of Vaccination

Iran is experiencing a decline in Covid-19 deaths and positive cases. Experts urge Iranians to get their booster shots as Iran considers a third wave of vaccinations.

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There have been 141,339 people killed by covids in Iran as of right now. The death toll on Tuesday was seven times higher than the number of fatalities recorded the day before.


On Monday, the virus claimed the life of only one individual in the entire country of Iran.

The fact that only one person lost their life on Tuesday demonstrates that Iran is continuing to see a downward trend in the number of deaths caused by Coronavirus.

The numbers from Tuesday also revealed that 139 individuals received positive tests for covid over the course of the previous day.


Officials in Iran are upbeat about the current situation, and a leading virology expert recently stated that the nation is doing just fine in terms of limiting the Covid pandemic.

Alireza Naji did point out, however, that it is imperative for Iranians to get their booster shots in order to forestall the spread of the Coronavirus.

In Iran, more than 85 percent of the population has been vaccinated twice against the disease. However, the vast majority of them have not yet received the third injection of the vaccine.

This comes at a time when authorities have mandated that everyone over the age of 70 receive their fourth dosage of the flu vaccine.

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