The CEO of Pfizer discusses the low-cost medicine project

The CEO of Pfizer unveils a new initiative to provide low-cost medicine to 45 impoverished nations, including Syria. In a heartfelt address, he shares his goal of making life-saving medications more accessible worldwide. Find out more about this groundbreaking project.

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During the ceremony, Bourla declared a new programme that will deliver all of Pfizer's patented vaccines and drugs, which are already available in the United States and the European Union, at a low cost to 45 of the world's poorest countries which includes Syria as well. In a video of his address posted on YouTube by the World Economic Forum, Bourla discusses medication. "I believe it is the fulfilment of a dream that my leadership team and I shared when we initially started in '19. We met in California the first week of 2019 to set five-year goals, one of which was to cut the number of people globally who cannot afford our medicines in half by 2023. "I believe my dream is becoming a reality today," he says throughout the conversation.

The second sentence of the video circulating on social media, however, has been expertly altered to make it appear that Bourla was discussing population reduction. "The first week we assembled in January of '19 in California to set out the goals for the next five years — and one of them was by 2023, we would cut the number of people in the world by half," he appears to say in the edited clip.

Among the 23 medications and vaccines included in the programme are those for infectious diseases, cancers, and rare and inflammatory ailments. The company claims it would only charge for manufacturing costs and "minimal" delivery expenses, according to the Associated Press. While Africa accounts for the majority of the countries involved in the project, Haiti, Cambodia, North Korea Including Syria are also represented. A Pfizer spokeswoman, Keanna Ghazvini, confirmed in an email that the video circulating on social media had been altered.

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