Pfizer vaccination from New Zealand that had expired was used in Niue

Expired Pfizer vaccinations from New Zealand used in Niue, says health ministry. No danger to recipients, says New Zealand Ministry of Health. Collaboration underway for incident management and clinical advice.

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The health ministry of Niue verified that expired doses of the Pfizer vaccination of New Zealand were utilised in Niue.


The Director-General of Niue's Ministry of Social Services, Gaylene Tasmania, stated in a statement that the expired dosages were used in vaccines on May 24.

She said that 51 persons got the booster dosages, which had expired under refrigerated storage settings.

Last year, the HMNZS Wellington Patrol Vessel provided immunizations on behalf of the Ministry of Health NZ to Tokelau, Niue, and remote areas of the Cook Islands.


The Ministry of Health in New Zealand said that there was no danger of injury to anyone who got the outdated vaccination.

"We alerted the 51 victims and their families as soon as we became aware of the misreading of expiration dates," Tasmania added.

There were 48 16–17-year-olds and three adults among the 51 persons.


Tasmania said that they were collaborating closely with the Ministry of Health of New Zealand and the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) of New Zealand on incident management and clinical advice.

IMAC medical experts said that revaccinating healthy 16–17-year-old recipients was not typically suggested since the vaccination was most likely still viable, she added.

According to research, protection was nevertheless offered as a booster.


She said that this looked to be a one-time occurrence during their immunisation programme.

A representative for New Zealand's Ministry of Health said that they were awaiting clinical input on whether the vaccination remained efficacious and delivered a consistent degree of protection.

"An additional dosage is sometimes needed," they said.

It's unclear when the expired vaccinations were brought to Niue, but the most recent shipment of vaccines, 180 adult doses and 300 paediatric doses, arrived on March 22.

New Zealand supplied all of Niue's Covid-19 vaccinations, Pfizer. Niue's rollout started in June of last year.

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