Cuban vaccine for Belarus

Discover the collaboration between Cuba and Belarus in testing the Soberana and Soberana Plus vaccines, developed by the Finlay Vaccine Institute. Find out how this partnership aims to increase the availability of Covid-19 immunizations and improve access to medicines in both countries.

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Jun 7th, Minsk (Prensa Latina) The Finlay Vaccine Institute's anti-Covid-19 Soberana and Soberana Plus immunogens were tested in Cuba and Belarus to see if they may be used in vaccines. In the scientific community, these immunogens have now been widely accepted.


At a conference, the notion of expanding pharmaceutical manufacturer collaboration by localizing and producing medicines made in Cuba and Belarus within the two nations' borders was brought up.

A move like this would help both countries' populations by increasing the availability of goods and services, according to the Belarusian Telegraphic Agency (BelTA).

The attendees discussed how drug registration organizations in both nations should work together to make it easier for individuals to get their hands on drugs.

For adults and children as young as three years old, Cuba has approved the use of Covid-19 immunizations, according to BelTA, following clinical research. Soberana Plus is a universal booster immunogen for Covid-19.

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