Morocco Gets Equipment Covid Vaccine Industrial Unit

Morocco accelerates the establishment of a Covid vaccine production facility in Benslimane Province with equipment acquisition from Shanghai, China. The new biotechnological unit aims to meet over 70% of Morocco's vaccine requirements and over 60% of continental demand. Construction is set to begin with a budget of €200 million, and the facility is predicted to have a manufacturing capacity of 116 million by 2023.

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The Moroccan Ministry of Health has acquired components and equipment for the vaccine production facility that will be established in Benslimane Province.


The equipment came from Shanghai, China, and will allow the biotechnological unit to be established.

In January of this year, King Mohammed VI announced the commencement of construction for SENSYO PHARMATECH, a COVID-19 and other vaccines manufacturing facility in Benslimane province in Casablanca-Settat. 

The cargo consists of 35,000 metric tons of equipment that is needed to construct a fully functional factory.


The cargo's arrival marks an "extremely significant" step toward the project's completion, according to Funk, CEO of the industrial division. The factory will fulfill requirements for COVID and other virus vaccines in Morocco and across Africa, he added.

The company believes it will meet over 70 percent of Morocco's requirements and more than 60 percent of continental demand.

Morocco plans to begin manufacturing pilot lots by the end of July 2022 with a budget of two hundred million euros.

The factory, which is funded by a public-private collaboration with Recipharm (a Swedish firm), will have 3 industrial lines with a predicted mixed manufacturing capability of one hundred and sixteen million in 2023.

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