Moldova stimulate young people to get vaccinated 

Moldova is mobilizing its young population for COVID-19 vaccination through EU financing, with the support of various government and health organizations. A new vaccine campaign is promoting immunization to help meet national vaccination goals, with the involvement of football players as role models. Through awareness campaigns and educational materials, young people are encouraged to get vaccinated and spread the importance of vaccinations in universities and student neighborhoods. The initiative has already seen a significant increase in vaccinations among 18-24 year-olds. Find out more about Moldova's efforts to stimulate young people to get vaccinated.

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Moldavian students and young people are being mobilized for COVID-19 vaccination thanks to EU financing from the WHO. Various government, health, and civil society organizations collaborate closely on these projects, including the Ministry of Health.


Members of COVID-19's football squad talk to each other.

A new vaccine campaign is promoting COVID-19 immunization in order to help meet national vaccination goals. More than 100,000 people have watched Dacia Buiucani's December ad, which was posted on social media with her aid.

Almost 86 percent of men and 51 percent of women watch football on a regular basis, respectively.


Children and parents of young football fans should be aware that immunizations allow us to do what we love with the people we care about. According to WHO Representative in Moldova Miljana Grbic, a world free of vaccine-preventable diseases is closer than ever.

Dacia Buiucani, the team captain, stated, "We football players have always been role models for the younger generations." As a result, we're glad to promote messages that help keep our followers informed and healthy."

In addition to posters, footballs, and bags, Dacia Buiucani distributes vaccine-related materials at home games and at school and kindergarten events.


Please go ahead and get vaccinated if you haven't already."

The Moldovan Association of Students and Residents in Medicine is working together with the Republic of Moldova's Ministries of Health and Education to undertake a large-scale awareness campaign about COVID-19.

To motivate young people in universities and student neighborhoods to spread the news about the importance of vaccinations, vaccination campaigns like COVID-19's "Roll up your sleeves, get immunized" are used.


Educative materials and invitations to public speeches are being sent to every single student.

At the campaign's launch, Health Minister Ala Nemerenco urged young people to get vaccinated and disseminate health information.

In October 2021, the number of 18–24-year-olds immunized increased by 22% over the month prior to the campaign.


The EU-Eastern Partnership (PEP)

Encourages the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and routine vaccinations in several Caucasus countries.

The EU-funded and WHO-implemented initiative supports COVID-19 immunizations. Vaccination programs in six nations are also improved as a result.

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