Kuwait tourists with Quarantine in Japan

Explore Japan as a tourist while quarantining from Kuwait

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After a two-year ban, Japan's COVID-19 border controls will be relaxed on Friday, allowing international tourists back in. First, Japan would open its doors to visitors from 98 low-risk countries and zones, including the United States and China. Visitors from these regions who are vaccinated will not be subject to viral testing or self-quarantine.


If there are no severe problems, the administration aims to gradually increase overseas travel. As of this writing, Kuwait is in Japan's "yellow" middle-risk category. Visitors from Kuwait, interns, and students are all welcome in Japan.

A self-quarantine period of three days is required for visitors from the "yellow" category, however, both requirements are waived if they've had three COVID-19 vaccines. This is the requirement for all visitors from Kuwait for now.

Due to the Omicron virus strain, Japan was extra cautious. All non-resident foreign nationals were prohibited from entering the country since November last year. Gradually these restrictions will be eased to boost travel, which is beneficial for the country.

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