In three provinces, complete dosage vaccination coverage for the elderly is poor

Inadequate vaccination coverage for the elderly in three provinces on Java Island raises concerns. The low coverage rate of full-dose Covid-19 vaccination for this vulnerable population is far below other regions. Safeguarding the elderly is crucial as they are highly susceptible to severe symptoms and potential mortality. Expanding vaccination coverage and monitoring community antibodies are essential measures to combat Covid-19 effectively. Sustained protection for the elderly is imperative to ensure continued progress in controlling the pandemic in Indonesia.

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INDONESIA: In three provinces on the island of Java, coverage of full-dose Covid-19 vaccination for the elderly is still poor in comparison to other regions.


The statement was made by Prof Wiku Adisasmito, the Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling, at a Press Conference on Covid-19 Handling Development in Indonesia on June 2, 2022, which was streamed live online in Jakarta on Thursday (2/6/2022).

Wiku added, "It's also vital to pay attention to vulnerable communities." "One of them is the elderly, and despite the fact that Covid-19 cases have decreased, the risk remains."

According to Wiku, Banten, Central Java, and East Java had the lowest vaccination coverage for the elderly, with 68.9%, 67.4%, and 64.1 percent, respectively.


Inadequate vaccination coverage offers a significant concern because the elderly are one of the populations most sensitive to Covid-19 and its severe symptoms, which can lead to congenital illness or death.

He feels that vaccination coverage should be expanded in order to safeguard all community groups to the greatest extent possible. Another thing to conduct on a regular basis is to check the body's antibodies against viruses found in the community.

One example is a sero survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in March 2022. According to the findings of the survey, Indonesians of all ages had 99.2 percent antibody levels as a result of both vaccination and virus infection.


According to the report, the 1-11 year old age group experienced the greatest increase in antibodies (21.8%), followed by the over 60 year old age group with 7.6%.

"As a result, throughout the pandemic, I urge everyone in the community, as well as the government, to be cautious and watchful." Despite the fact that the number of cases in Indonesia has been declining, the WHO has not removed COVID-19 from global use, according to Wiku.

Wiku emphasised the need of sustaining elderly protection. This is because the success gained in reducing the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia must be sustained and expanded to the greatest extent feasible, and one way to do so is through the Covid-19 vaccine, which can reduce fatalities.

"Vulnerable groups must be given special care. In both the second and third dosage vaccine coverage, protection for the elderly must be improved," he said.

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