For the seventh week in a row in Martinique, a highly infectious variant of Covid-19 indicates the epidemic's growth

Discover the latest report on the Covid-19 situation in Martinique, where a highly infectious variant continues to fuel the epidemic's growth. Find out about the increasing number of positive cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities, along with vaccination progress. Stay informed about the evolving situation in Martinique while comparing it to other nearby regions.

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The data for the Covid-19 pandemic in Martinique for the week of May 30 to June 5, 2022, is released by the Regional Health Agency on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. For the seventh week in a row, the indications are rising.


Out of the 21,971 tests conducted over this time period, 7,924 additional positive cases were registered, compared to 5,344 instances the previous week.

In Martinique, there have been 182,791 cases since the outbreak began 36.1 per cent of people are positive (above the alert threshold of 10.0 per cent)

Rate of occurrence (per 100,000 people): There are 2,209 35 patients in hospitals, including four in serious condition. Since the outbreak began, the CHUM (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique) has recorded 943 fatalities, compared to 941 the week before. 



A full immunisation regimen is followed by 143,557 persons (45.4 per cent of the population).

Martinique is home to Subtype B A5. Omicron is the current version and scientists believe it is less deadly and virulent than the Delta form that caused such a stir in Martinique in 2021. On the other side, it is far more readily transferred.

In Martinique, the disease is still spreading, but citizens in Guadeloupe and Guyana, for example, are experiencing the reverse.

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