Along with a huge amount of investment from the USA, in the direction of improvement of the health systems of the country with additionally supporting health education, the officer in charge of affairs in the US Embassy near Monrovia has said that there is a dire need to prioritize the health sector so that future health threats can be effectively met. 

With the Coronavirus pandemic in retrospect Mr, Joel F. Maybury showed his conviction that resilience building in the healthcare sector is of the utmost importance so that future outbreaks could be battled. 

The diplomat spoke on Tuesday, on the sidelines of the launch of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation.  CTLI happens to be a partnership endeavor of the ULCHS and the United States Agency for international development (USAID). 

The U.S. official was therefore extremely pleased with how and why the U.S. government’s aid is enhancing Liberians’ health outcomes.

He said that the CTLI’s debut is another outstanding accomplishment that highlights the long-standing collaboration between the US and Liberian governments, particularly in the health field.

For the upcoming generation of crucial health workers; doctors, nurses, administrators, and faculty, the CTLI will act as a doorway to contemporary health education technologies. 

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