With the global outbreak of monkeypox causing a stir for investigations, the United State is also actively tackling the case. Vaccines have been requested to be administered from the national stockpile. 

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has declared one active case and four under suspicion. 

The deputy director of the Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology within the CDC’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Dr. Jennifer McQuiston confirmed the request for Jynneos vaccines currently in the national stockpile. She’s positive there’s enough number of vaccines since they had been preparing for such possibilities. 

In accordance with law, two doses of Jynneos vaccine helps keep away smallpox and monkeypox as well. There are around 1000 doses presently and an expected increase as the company manufactures further. 

Another vaccine by the name of ACAM2000 has also been licensed to give protection against the disease with around 100 million doses in the stock. The vaccine is said to have certain side-effects because it is an older generation vaccine. Therefore, discussions and research are required before being completely sure of its use. 

She said, “we are hoping to maximize vaccine distribution to those that we know would benefit from it”. High risk citizens are those that have come in contact with an infected person. The medical staff and the monkeypox patients. 

One of the confirmed cases is a man from Massachusetts and the others suffering from orthopox are from New York, Florida as well as Utah. Most of the orthopox cases (general pox cases) can be assumed to be monkeypox as confirmed by health providers. More cases may even be reported soon. 

The CDC experts are going to get the samples from these cases either by today or tomorrow to research further. Within the CDC laboratories have amenities to test for the virus while the confirmation of positive cases for monkeypox is conducted through PCR test. The minute CDC gets the test samples, the PCR test for monkeypox can be conducted on the same day. 

In Massachusetts, CDC sequencing of the sure cases was processed quickly and in 48 hours there was a match found with that of the case in Portugal. Generally, the process takes around two weeks but in concern for the public, the researchers finished this in two days. This data will help analyze and curb the spread of the virus globally. 

Dr John. Brooks, the CDC’s chief medical officer of HIV prevention stated that it’s not just through sex but any contact during sex can lead to the spread of the infection. Even though it is not a sexually transmitted disease, it can still be passed on through intimate contact as well as shared bedding or clothes. Anyone is capable of spreading the disease but more commonly it has been seen infecting gay and bisexual men. Dr. Brooks confirmed that everyone is prone to the disease and it is not just narrowed on gay or bisexual men.  

CDC had decided to keep a conference during the LGBTQ month such that the community could be made more aware on the situation. The doctors have also been encouraged to keep a lookout as this virus can mirror STDs. A common symptom is of a rash appearing on various parts of the body. It also produces genital lesions like herpes or syphilis does. It is highly recommended that anyone who faces a lesion or a rash in their genitals or any other place should get completely examined. 

The doctor concluded his official statement by expressing how all of this was to bring to attention the importance of getting checked whether it be for STD or any other infection. It is also crucial to understand that genital or perianal infection could be monkeypox as well. 

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