On Monday, Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, launched a statewide psychiatric treatment effort to support wounded individuals. Three months have passed since Russia’s initial assault on Ukraine, which killed hundreds of people and destroyed dozens of cities and crucial infrastructure. As a result, Zelenska stated that Ukrainians needed rehabilitation “on par with the physically injured.”

“No Ukrainian, adult or child, can be assured they will wake up tomorrow,” Zelenska said in a video message posted on social media. “Because of what Ukrainians underwent during the occupation, in the front, in bomb shelters, under shelling, and abroad, they have the same right to rehabilitation as physically damaged people.”

The World Health Organization would contribute to the building of the mental health support center (WHO). It will be built “soon,” according to the first lady, and will serve as a model for improving psychological care for war survivors. The World Health Organization is dedicated to defending the most fundamental human rights: life and health. “Both are being violated in Ukraine right now,” she emphasized.

The Russian incursion has taken the world by surprise. Earlier this week, Zelenska met with Michal Herzog, Israel’s First Lady, to highlight the importance of giving mental health treatment to Ukrainians. Millions of Ukrainians deserve immediate professional psychological therapy as a result of the Russian military’s cruelty, which has stunned the entire civilized world. “In this aspect, I am very grateful to the state of Israel,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has signaled that it may send Special Forces to Kyiv to defend the recently reopened embassy and American staff. The document has not yet been distributed to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark Milley, or US President Joe Biden. State Department officials are also looking at reintroducing a Marine security guard unit in Kyiv, implying that the structure would be similar to that used at other American embassies.

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