Yeni Shafak reports that as Turkey becomes more renowned as a health tourism destination, Europeans are flocking to the country for treatment. Medical tourism to Turkey has long been popular. In 2021, there will be 642,000 medical tourists from Europe to the United States.

An international health tourism fair in Amsterdam awarded the county a high score on May 20 and 21. Cihat Alagoz, President of the TOBB Turkey Expo Organization Sector Assembly, said that Europeans were interested in them at the Amsterdam event.

In the opinion of Alagoz, health tourism is a significant source of foreign currency gain because of the excellent infrastructure, highly qualified personnel, friendliness, and entrepreneurial spirit of the medical profession. There are additional plans for health tourism events in 2022 in the countries of Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Among the most popular medical tourism destinations, according to Alagoz, are Thailand and Malaysia, the United States, South Korea, and South Korea. He makes the case that Turkey’s recent success in the health tourism industry has just recently propelled it to the top of the list.

As of 2020, the Turkish Statistical Institute expects health visitors to bring in $550 million (TUIK). Those numbers will have more than doubled by 2021, when tourism revenues will top $1 billion. This is according to Alagoz.

Because accurate data on health tourism is tough to collect, he estimates that unregistered revenues from the industry range between $2.5 and $3 billion. All of these operations are common in Turkey, according to Alagoz: cosmetic/hair transplants, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, cancer therapy, IVF, and dental care.

Turkey’s highly educated workforce, world-class medical equipment, the convenience of visa acquisition, easy transit, geographical structure and seasonal benefits, as well as high-quality healthcare supplies, are just some of the reasons foreigners flock to the country, experts say.

In addition to our world-class thermal underground resources and our traditional Turkish hospitality, our country is favored for health tourism for several other reasons,” he stated.

High added value, high per-visitor expenditures, profitability, returnability and long-term nature of health tourism make it stand out from the throng, Alagoz claims. The average tourist spending in the United States is “around $700,” however he predicted that “medical visitors are likely to spend more than $2,000” in 2021, according to him.

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