Vellamvelly Muraleedharan, India’s External Affairs minister, will arrive in Malawi today for a two-day visit. 

The president of Malawi and Foreign Minister Nancy Tembo will meet with Muraleedharan. The goal of the gathering is to strengthen relationship between the two nations. There will be a focus on health care, energy, international trade, including economic investment. Progress on projects funded by Government of India lines of credit and grants will be given priority.

Indian foreign policy has a strong focus on South-South cooperation, particularly in Malawi. Since 2008, Delhi has provided $396 million to support the construction of infrastructure in that country. June 12, 2020 saw the signing of a deal between the Malawian government and India’s Export-Import Bank to improve the country’s drinking water supply. As part of the Covid-19 relief efforts, India provided 50,000 doses of Covid vaccinations in March 2021 as a plan of assistance to Malawi. 

India has stated its ambition to assist Malawi in becoming a middle-income country by 2030, which bodes well for the future development of bilateral ties between the two nations. As the two countries’ relations progress, they should expect to see more exchanges of aid, technology, academic knowledge, and expertise.

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