Wednesday, June 8. According to the daily bulletin published by the Ministry of Health and Social Action, the two new cases, along with all communal cases, have been reported in the area of Thiès.

A positive rate of 0.26 percent was found after 761 tests were carried out, which led to the discovery of two new illnesses.

The same source reports that a patient who followed the negative treatment protocol and proclaimed themselves cured. And that there have been no reports of fatalities in the last twenty-four hours.

To this day, 86,142 instances have been confirmed to be positive; of those, 84,164 have been cured, 1967 have passed away, and as a result, 10 are now undergoing treatment.

There have been 1,482,462 persons in Senegal who have been given at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This figure represents the total number of people who have gotten the vaccination.


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