The Vatican has eased some of its regulations around masking and the mandatory use of vaccines. Following an update to its COVID-19 rules, the Vatican has made it possible for the vast majority of workers and tourists to enter Vatican City State with no need for a vaccination certificate or other confirmation that they have recovered.

In a decree that was released on June 2 by the Vatican news publication L’Osservatore Romano, Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Pietro Parolin stated that “entry to the dicasteries, bodies, and workplaces that constitute the Roman Curia and the organizations linked with the Holy See is allowed without the mandate” of possessing the vaccine certificate defined as a “super green pass.”

People who were not vaccinated for reasons unrelated to their health were subjected to even greater restrictions as a result of Italy’s “super green pass” policy, which stipulated that the only people eligible for the pass were those who were either fully immunized or who had just recovered fully from the illness.

However, the directive declared that the vaccination requirement “remained in place for the Pontifical Swiss Guards.”

In addition, Cardinal Parolin loosened up the Vatican’s mask regulations by issuing a decree that said that wearing masks inside or in big meetings, despite the fact that it was no longer necessary, “is highly advised.”

The order said that even so, “the responsibility to meet with health rules for hand hygiene, the frequent airflow and periodic disinfecting of rooms persists.”

After a 10-day observation period and a negative test report, unvaccinated workers who have already had contact with people who tested positive for COVID-19 are permitted to return to their workplaces. This is the case even if the employees have been exposed to the infected individual. However, vaccinated personnel who have had a connection with someone who is infected with the flu may return to work promptly; however, they are required to wear high-filtering FFP2 masks inside, as stated in the statement.

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