The Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into accusations that children at Vilimale Hospital were given outdated immunizations.

According to a tweet from Vilimale constituency MP Ahmed Usham, he has received multiple complaints from parents about their children receiving expired vaccines.

“This is a significant problem. The administration needs to explain how this came to be.”

The manufacture date is February 2020, and the expiration date is January 2022, according to a photo of a vaccine vial supplied with the statement.

However, based on the photographs, it’s unclear which vaccine it was.

The Ministry of Health has also stated that it has received complaints and that the issue is being investigated.

“We will disclose such information after we investigate,” the Ministry responded.

Vaccinations at Vilimale Hospital have been ceased, according to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

The hospital stated in a press release that the situation had been brought to their attention and that they were now conducting a comprehensive investigation.

According to the statement, the IGMH and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) were both looking into the incident, and anyone found to be careless would face punishment.

IGMH further stated that all required measures will be taken to guarantee that such an incident does not happen again.

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