The Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, reported this Monday the sixth consecutive week in the rise of positive cases of COVID-19 and stressed that “in full escalation” not one death was recorded in the last seven days.

“Bolivia is in the fifth wave of the pandemic, with six consecutive weeks of growth. They are sustained promotions,” said the head of Health at a press conference.

According to the report provided by the authority, in the last week, 2,952 new cases of COVID-19 were reported compared to the previous one, which was 2,138.

“We did not report (not even) a single death in the country, that fills us with joy,” he celebrated.

He also showed the progress of vaccination in the nine departments, mainly of those people who completed the protection scheme and assured that 14,094,328 vaccines have already been applied, of which 55.4% are second doses.

He explained that, of this total of vaccines in the complete scheme, the departments of Tarija and Cochabamba have the highest rate of vaccination with the application of the second dose, with 63.8% and 60.7% respectively, while Oruro reached the 59%, Chuquisaca 58.4%, Santa Cruz 57.9%, La Paz 52.4%, Potosí 44.9%, Beni 41.3% and Pando 39.6%.

He urged the population to go to the vaccination points to protect themselves against the disease and recommended that one should not “lower their guard.”

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