According to Manx Care, the primary hospital on the Isle of Man is well prepared to accommodate the resumption of the TT.

Teresa Cope, the chief executive officer of the company, said that “the necessary level of labor” would be in place for the two-week event, which will see thousands of fans visit the island.

The recently established medical service provider will have to deal with the TT for the very first time in this circumstance.

Ms. Cope said that since the hospital had been able to get more personnel from the UK, it was “prepared” for any potential increase in admissions.

The competitions, which were postponed twice as a result of the widespread coronavirus epidemic, will finally get underway this Sunday and continue through the 10th of June.

In the past, the Minister of Health on the island said that there would be no racing on the island until the local hospital was equipped to handle any possible medical emergencies that could arise.

Ms. Cope said that emergency treatments and time-sensitive cancer operations will proceed, despite the fact that certain elective surgeries had been postponed. This was done in order to ensure that bed places would continue to be available.

“I am not completely overwhelmed.”

She went on to say that the health care provider had what she called a “key connection” with major trauma centers in the UK, which was beneficial for patients who need expert treatment.

The number of people working in the ambulance service has increased by twenty-five percent during the course of the time covered by this report.

Ms. Cope said that even though there had been “some apprehension” at the beginning about recruiting more personnel for the “first post-Covid TT,” many people had volunteered since “they wanted to work” during the time.

After reaching a high of 32 patients with Covid at the hospital in April, which led to the establishment of three specialized wards, she noted that the institution was currently handling people with the virus “typically within our bed base.”

She said that “We have a strong signed-off operating strategy for TT with the correct quantity of employees, and we’re not overburdened by Covid numbers.”

“So this is pretty much the best that it can get right now,” the speaker said.

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