The health minister of Kyrgyzstan is in jeopardy.

His deputies staged a news conference on May 16, one day after Alymkadyr Beishenaliyev left for Germany on a professional trip, to demand his dismissal.

They weren’t there to talk about how Beishenaliyev put the public in danger by recommending wolf’s-bane brews to combat COVID-19. They are also unconcerned with Beishenaliyev’s nasty confrontation with the owner of an eye clinic, in which he put sand in front of the entrance.

According to them, the minister is rude to his employees and threatens anyone who disagrees with him.

Beishenaliyev insulted everyone, according to deputy health minister Zhaparkul Tashiyev. “He has no right to do what he does.” Unhappiness is rampant. This is well-liked. We are concerned about the minister’s actions. He threatens people when they answer. “He claims we’ll never return.”

Ulukbek Bekturganov recalled Beishenaliyev questioning his virility at the time.

He proposed that Why don’t he give his wife to one of his younger brothers. Not in person, but over the speakerphone. “When he called, his secretary and others were with him,” Bekturganov said.

At the news conference, orthopedist Rahman Azhikulov, who briefly led a mixed Turkish-Kyrgyz hospital in Bishkek, also spoke. Azhikulov, a Kazakh who moved to Kyrgyzstan, said he paid Beishenaliyev $10,000 in November to secure the job. Two months later, he was fired.

“He informed me about a new Kyrgyz-Turkish hospital that was having difficulties getting started.” It took four months to open it. Following that, the personnel were rotated. Because Kyrgyzstan is not Kazakhstan, jobs must be paid, according to the minister. Azhikulov accepted and agreed to pay.

Beishenaliyev retaliates. He denies all claims and describes his deputies as inept alcoholics. He told Kloop that he has the support of 99 percent of the country’s doctors and that his subordinates should quit.

“They’ve been expelled. They are rivals. He claimed that if he had been present, the news conference would not have been called. “They’re just consuming alcohol.”

Co-workers who aren’t happy aren’t the only problem. The GKNB detained the director of a Karakol clinic on suspicion of receiving bribes from other doctors on May 14, one day before Beishenaliyev left for Germany. Meerim Tilekova, Beishenaliyev’s personal adviser, was allegedly with the woman when she took the cash.

Beishenaliyev has a reason for this. He told that the money was a bribe to pay for Nurse’s Day festivities on May 12. He paid for the extravagant party using his own money.

“For 130,000 som, I acquired a horse and musicians.” When we started organising, the GKNB took all of the money. He claimed that my advisor was detained alongside the Issyk-Kul healthcare coordinator.

GKNB officials threatened to “put a bottle between their legs,” according to Beishenaliyev. Tilekova had to be rescued and taken to her mother’s house by the minister.

The GKNB stationed five officers outside his house the next day, but he scaled a wall and went to work. He ignored them, according to his tale, by returning home through the front door, then climbing over the wall and catching a ride to the airport.

This time, the GKNB caught him at the airport. After a brief exchange, the minister claimed they let him leave for Germany.

“I phoned the GKNB head in Issyk-Kul and told him I’d return the women if the cops who threatened to put a bottle between their legs were fired,” he added. “At the airport, I explained everything. They predicted that I would have difficulties because I would not bring my advisor. “I did what needed to be done,” I informed them.

Despite the minister’s efforts to protect her, Tilekova was imprisoned in Bishkek on May 17. Soon after, a video of images of Beishenaliyev and Tilekova together, clearly as a pair, became viral on the internet. Online commentators speculated that the GKNB may have obtained the photographs from Tilekova’s phone and shared them to slander Beishenaliyev because of the time.

Despite threats, Beishenaliyev will return to Kyrgyzstan. If I’m arrested, I’ll testify. I never stole, murdered, or accepted bribes. On May 18, he told AKIpress.

Noncooperation is Beishenaliyev’s trademark. He recalls being told by doctors that a construction site injury would keep him out of work for two months in a recent interview with New Faces. He lowered his pants to show the journalist his injury. He didn’t stop to pull up his pants as he talked about his backup plans.

“I intend to go after my ministerial term; Russia and Turkey have offered me,” he said.

Beishenaliyev’s long tenure reflects his close relationship with President Sadyr Japarov. The minister says he was instrumental in Japarov’s success. In a January interview, he revealed that on the night of October 5, 2020, when turmoil broke in Bishkek following a contentious parliamentary election, he and his colleagues were in constant touch with Japarov, who was in prison on kidnapping charges.

He was always giving orders. He directed, “Get everybody together.” He took over after we rescued him on October 5, Beishenaliyev told Leila Saralayeva.

Loyalty has been recognised and rewarded. Since then, Beishenaliyev has remained in power through various governments. His final examination.

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