Members of the health agencies of the United Nations health agency re-elected Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to the position of Director-General of the World Health Organization this Tuesday for a second five-year term.

Ghebreyesus was the only contender for this position as the coronavirus epidemic continued to wreak havoc throughout the world.

In a statement, Tedros thanked the audience for their confidence and trust.

Former Ethiopian government official Tedros has been in charge of WHO’s reaction to the coronavirus, which has come under fire for its numerous blunders.

He is the agency’s first African director-general and the agency’s sole director-general who is not a doctor.

 This is the first time a WHO chief has not been endorsed by his own country; Ethiopia charged Tedros of “misconduct” following his scathing condemnation of the conflict and humanitarian disaster there and expressed skepticism concerning his leadership this Tuesday.

It was under Tedros that the WHO neglected to publicly criticize China for mistakes which WHO officials had privately expressed their displeasure with. For months, the WHO urged people to avoid wearing masks since the coronavirus was not expected to change fast.

The investigation into the origins of the coronavirus in China was “stymied” last year, according to scientists chosen by WHO to research the virus’s origins in China.

As a result, Tedros has slammed pharmaceutical companies for not doing enough to ensure that the world’s vaccine supply is accessible to those who need it most.

He blamed the lack of attention on other crises like Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan on the fact that the victims weren’t white, suggesting that this may have contributed to the global community’s indifference.

Many people believe, however, that Tedros has fallen short in some crucial areas, such as holding staff held to account after accusations that many outbreak workers controlled by WHO had sexually abused many young women in the Congo belt throughout an Ebola epidemic that began in 2018, in what is regarded as the most serious sex scandals in the history of the UN. Even then, no action was taken against senior officials of the WHO responsible for this.

The Associated Press reported in January that personnel at  the Western Pacific offices filed a complaint internally which accuses regional head Dr. Takeshi Kasai to be racist, abusive, as well as other behaviors, stemming attempts to stop the outbreak of COVID-19.. He responded by saying an inquiry had been initiated and promising to act “with speed.”

On the other hand, this week, a group of WHO employees sent an email to the Executive Board of the agency stating that Kasai had been allowed “to continue his unethical and abusive behavior without any sort of constraint.” Kasai sent an email to his employees disputing the accusations.

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