According to an authoritative source, Guatemala has added 18,178 SARS-CoV-2 fatalities and 862,756 SARS-CoV-2 confirmed cases since the epidemic began in March 2020.

Both data were provided by the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, which also stated that 4,040 cases are still active across the country, albeit this last figure is “estimated.”

As per published statistics from each nation, Central America has the largest amount of fatalities from the coronavirus.

As per the Guatemalan body and cause, men accounted for 65 % of the 18,178 fatalities, while women accounted for 35 percent.

The Central American country’s authorities reported ten deaths from the sickness in the last 24 hours, as well as 840 positive cases.

4.6 million tests were conducted in Guatemala to detect the coronavirus during the epidemic, including in the public and private sectors.

Independent research suggests that the number of deaths from covid-19 in the pandemic could be higher than the 18,178 recorded by the Ministry of Health.

One of these findings was given in August 2021 by the local newspaper Plaza Publica and signed by Pedro Morales Almazán, a doctor of mathematical physics, who stated that over 30,000 Guatemalans perished from covid-19 during the pandemic.

Almazán’s information is brought from the National Registry of Persons (Renap), a government agency tasked with registering births, deaths, and the issuance of personal identification documents. Renap has a broader scope than the Ministry of Health, which is restricted to its hospital system and associated laboratories.

As per comparable countries, Guatemala has one of the worst vaccination rates in the region, with only 33% of its 18 million residents receiving two doses of immunization, thus according to Guatemalan federal data.

Three issues were put to a halt by referendums in Switzerland on May 15.

In Guatemala, the pandemic’s bloodiest episode occurred in the second quarter of 2021, when the delta variety produced up to 80 deaths per day for a few weeks.

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