In the presence of Tajikistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Matlubakhon Sattoriyon, Saudi Representative to the Republic of Tajikistan Walid bin Abdurrahman Al-Rashidan, Tajikistan’s Minister of Healthcare and Social Security Jamal Al-Din Abdullah, and other officials, the King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation, in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank, inaugurated the mobile medical units in Tajikistan.

The equipment used by the mobile medical units, which included five specialty medical clinics, support trailers, and an ambulance, was explained to the Deputy Prime Minister and the audience.

The Fael Khair Program’s mobile medical units in Tajikistan provide five mobile clinics to beneficiary areas, serving over 700,000 people in Tajikistan over five years at a cost of $18 million, according to Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Janfawi, Director of the King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation’s Humanitarian Programs Sector.

According to him, since its inception, the project has worked to provide health services to approximately 6 million people in rural areas of seven Asian countries, including the construction of 75 mobile medical clinics and the subsidisation of medicines and medical supplies for patients with acute and chronic conditions.

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