COVID-19 has revealed the vulnerability of Niger’s health system, as it has in other nations. The country has made the commitment to attain UHC, necessitating reforms such as more sustainable health finance, improved alignment and coordination across partners.

In response to this, SDG3 GAP agencies who are actively participating in the sustainable finance for health accelerator came to the conclusion that it is necessary to build a working coordination framework for health development agencies. As a consequence, Gavi, the Global Fund, the Global Fund for Women, the International Labour Organisation, UNICEF, the World Bank, and the World Health Organisation have enhanced their work with the in-country health development allies group, and are now co-funding a new P4H in-country focal point to promote and enable health finance synchronisation and active experimentation with government support and supervision.

The P4H network brings together a diverse group of international partners that are working on health funding for universal health coverage and social health rights.

As a result, by January 2022, Gavi was handed over the formal “facilitator” role to the P4H focal point, creating the groundwork for more coordinated support for the country’s ambitious aim for UHC.

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