Border crossings are rarely innovative, with paperwork, lineups, and delays typically included in the cost of travel. When Seychelles reopened its borders in March 2021 after being closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the primary priority was to streamline the health screening process.

The entire arrivals experience was overhauled today, with a cutting-edge biometric border management system assisting in the elimination of paperwork, the reduction of lineups, and, most importantly, ensuring the nation’s borders were not closed down again.

The Government of Seychelles was able to implement a cutting-edge cloud-based system to screen arrivals for health concerns and conduct contact tracking of tourists throughout the country by collaborating with Travizory Border Security. With the establishment of the Health Travel Authorization, all travelers were obliged to meet national travel criteria before boarding a plane.

The Travizory Visitor Management Platform includes the Health Travel Authorization capability (VMP). The VMP evaluates health certificates, collects and verifies passenger IDs, and ensures that all appropriate documents are given to authorities ahead of time for screening. To enable contact tracing on planes and throughout the country, the VMP collects airline API/PNR data as well as hotel booking information.

Seychelles was able to reopen with confidence, knowing that only authorized visitors would be permitted to visit the islands. Seychelles has moved away from asking visitors to produce a QR code upon arrival and now uses advanced walk-through biometric technology to identify and classify people as they enter.

Digital revolution in the aftermath of COVID-19

Seychelles will be the first African country, and just the second in the world, to implement walkthrough biometric technology at its borders in December 2021. With the deployment of Travizory’s biometric corridor, the Seychelles arrival experience has been transformed into one that is digital, contactless, and paperless.

Recognizing the significance of this technology for larger travel challenges, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Transport, and Immigration Department collaborated with Travizory to eliminate paper from airport passenger processing. Before traveling, all passengers arriving today must complete the relevant Immigration and Customs formalities, allowing Border Officials to inspect and vet people before they land.

The new technology not only provides a significant improvement in passenger comfort, but also a quantum leap in security. The Seychelles authorities can now highlight troublesome individuals and manage resources more logically and effectively by giving Border Officers digital tools to pre-screen, vet, and classify travelers.

Seychelles will have the best-performing economy in Africa in 2021 due to its increasing tourism sector. This is primarily due to passenger pre-screening, which has allowed the government to stay accessible to the vast majority of travelers, something that was previously unthinkable for most in the region. The country has effectively navigated the pandemic thanks to a technologically unique approach that has set it apart from other places.

Can I enter Seychelles after having been vaccinated? 

You can enter Seychelles provided you have the necessary vaccinations. If you obtained both doses of a double-dose vaccination or one dose of a single-dose immunization at least 14 days before coming to Seychelles, you are considered completely vaccinated.

You must have travel documentation if you have been immunized. A certificate demonstrating successful completion of the COVID-19 vaccination course.

Can I enter Seychelles if I am not vaccinated?

If you are not immunized, you can enter Seychelles now. You must have travel paperwork if you are not immunized. If you are unvaccinated, bring one of the following documents:

Negative PCR test results must be received within 72 hours of departure for Seychelles, or fast antigen test results must be obtained within 24 hours of departure for Seychelles. You can also show a certificate proving COVID-19 healing between two and twelve weeks prior to your trip.

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