The Covid-19 cases identified by the GGD has increased once again, and it is likely to be the beginning of a new Covid-19 wave, according to the RIVM.

The RIVM has no idea what the peak infections figure will be or when it will be hit. “Likewise we are unaware of what hospitalizations will be. However, if the rise of positive cases persists, hospital admissions will increase as well,” a spokesperson explained.

In the last week, 15,526 positive COVID-19 cases were reported to the RIVM. That is 64% higher than the previous week and almost double in comparison to the previous week. It is also the greatest weekly count in seven weeks. Between Monday and Tuesday morning, 2,887 positive Covid-19 tests were documented. Since April 21, this is the largest figure recorded in a single day.

This is caused by two new mutants of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. “These are becoming increasingly popular in The Netherlands,” according to the RIVM. Those sub-varieties aren’t known to cause more severe sickness than earlier variants. The institute is mainly interested in tracking the spread of the pandemic by monitoring the number of virus particles in sewage water. For the past two weeks, those figures have also been increasing. 

The RIVM operates a website called Infectieradar. It allows citizens to report any health issues or positive self-tests. The site’s figures have been increasing as well. The infection figures has been on the rise in all age categories. The Hollands Midden, Utrecht, and Amsterdam-Amstelland areas had relatively more recorded infections.

Because a home test is sufficient, people are no longer urged to go to a GGD testing site to verify their infection. However, any person who wishes to have a test at the GGD is not restricted. More individuals are using this option. Last week, the GGDs conducted nearly 18,000 Covid-19 tests, the most in two months.

The incidence of positivity is also on the rise, as evident from the tests. Two-third of individuals checked last week were found to be Covid-19 positive. This is the highest percentage since March 31. The number of hospitalizations is likewise on the rise. The coronavirus infection has resulted in the highest number of hospitalizations since initial data began on May 10, with 231 people being admitted to hospitals last week.

The overall was 45% greater than the initial count published last week. The RIVM’s initial statistics estimated that 128 individuals had been admitted to hospitals with Covid-19, which was later adjusted to 207 people. Even so, the rise in recent hospital admissions is deemed to be modest by the RIVM. There has also been no appreciable upsurge in the infections counts in adult homes.

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