On May 19, Quebec health authorities revealed the nation’s first 2 monkeypox cases.

Dr. Robert Pilarski, a medical doctor in Montreal who examined one of the cases last week, believes the person contracted the disease from the sauna he visited.

“It was Sauna G.I. Joe who gave it to him.” As a result, this is thought to be the epicenter of the outbreak,” Pilarski told International News.

Due to worries about privacy and stigmatization, government officials have so far refrained from establishing the origin of monkeypox in Canada.

In an online statement to Worldwide News, Jean Nicolas Aubé, a spokeswoman for Montreal population health, said, “We never acknowledge publicly epidemics for both security and recognition reasons, as we did with COVID-19.”

“Rest assured,” Aube added, “we constantly act unilaterally with enterprises or settings in which an epidemic happens or where our inquiry may lead us.”

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