South Korea had reported 16,584 additional COVID-19 cases as of midnight Thursday, increasing the overall number of infections to 18,053,287, according to health officials.

According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, the daily caseload was down from 18,816 the day before and 25,120 the week before (KDCA).

After the Omicron variant-driven comeback, which may have peaked in the middle of March, health officials expected the daily caseload to drop.

A total of 49 additional instances were imported from abroad, bringing the number to 32,664. Another 40 deaths were reported, increasing the total number of deaths to 24,103. The fatality rate was 0.13 percent overall.

The overall percentage of persons who received two doses of COVID-19 vaccination was 86.9%, while 64.9 percent of those who received booster shots.

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