After administeing the COVID-19 vaccination to one more police officer of San Marino, the number of officers  requesting accommodations and avoid receiving the inoculation has come down to six. This brings the number of officers requesting an exemption from receiving the inoculation to eight.

A vote was taken the previous month, and Resolution R-22-18 was ultimately approved by the San Marino City Council by a vote of 4-1. This resolution makes being vaccinated against COVID-19 a requirement for employees who are members of the Police Officers Association of San Manio.

The San Mateo Police Department will keep all of its workers employed even if six of its officers are now going through the process of making accommodations for their needs. Almost soon after the council voted to accept the mandate, seven officials said that they would investigate the possibility of locating an appropriate lodging.

“which shows that we have only six POA members who have requested a medical and/or religious accommodation,” said Marcella Marlowe, who serves as the City Manager of San Marino. The participative procedure that is now being carried out will most likely be finished in the month of June if it is to be completed at all. We are not giving up hope that we will be able to retain all of our officials in their current capacities.

According to a comment attributed to John Incontro, Chief of Police of San Marino, “I know there are a number of policemen who have asked for an apartment.” If we were to lose those six people, it would be very difficult for us to keep the right number of people on staff. It’s likely that there are even less than six of them in all.”

Incontro has suggested a plan that could see the San Marino city  partnering  with two security companies t having significant experience providing services to the city of Beverly Hills if San Marino needs to increase the  its workforce size. The two companies in question have extensive experience serving the city of Beverly Hills. Both Covered Six and Nastec are the two companies that have given supplemental patrol squads to the police approach known as “observe and report.”

According to Incontro, a component of the staff at both of these institutions consists of individuals who had previously held positions as members of the military police or in law enforcement. According to Incontro’s statement, these cops would operate in locations like Mission Street as well as the schools in San Marino.

He said that the law enforcement officers would help with the management of traffic, the execution of searches and impounds, as well as the transportation of suspects. Contract police officers were not allowed to participate in traffic stops and hence could not be employed.

According to Incontro, if the security staff were to remain in their positions, the amount of time that police officers would be needed to spend on regular operations would be greatly reduced. The police officers did not pursue the suspects or get into a violent altercation with them.

It was declared by Incontro, “I have trust in any company.” [source: missing citation]  urthermore, he indicated that Covered Six possessed Mandarin-speaking officers. Some of them would be deployed in San Marino if given the opportunity to do so, the company stated. Moreover, he said that Covered Six was a member of the National Association of Police Organizations.

 He said that officers who  work for Covered Six and Nastec would get all of their vaccines up to date, would be responsible for their own transportation, and would be fully covered by insurance.

According to Incontro, the possible usage of a security company would take place at the same time as a “very comprehensive recruitment and hiring operation” on the part of the SMPD. This information comes from the company’s investigation.

“I’m hoping our officers will stay,” said Incontro in regard to the six policemen from the SMPD who are now seeking for lodgings to escape the vaccine duty. Incontro was referring to the fact that the six policemen are trying to avoid the vaccination obligation.

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