As a result of the easing of travel limitations imposed by COVID-19, citizens of Singapore are increasingly venturing to their preferred locations all over the world.

But how many of us have given any thought to what we would do if we contracted an illness while we were on vacation?

Amanda Lee, a tourist from Singapore, was with her family when she decided to take a test for Covid-19 when they were visiting Bangkok. Using a self-administered Antigen Rapid Test, she discovered that she was positive for the virus (ART). She was on the day before the very final one of the journey.

She went to the front desk and told them about it, and then they took her to the nearest hospital for a 10-day quarantine.

Lee, who is 32 years old and has had all of the necessary vaccinations, is presently in the middle of her quarantine and is scheduled to be freed on May 24.

Lee first remarked on Instagram and TikTok this week that she felt “dumb” about the circumstance because her diagnosis coincided with the Vesak Day public holidays in Singapore and Thailand. She stated that she felt “stupid” about the situation due to the timing of the holidays.

She was informed that she would need to pay a security deposit of 100,000 baht, which is roughly equivalent to $4,000. However, she was unable to get in touch with insurance firms because they were closed.

“In addition to that, all of the physicians are on vacation, which means that no one knows how long I have to stay here or when I will be able to travel back, which means that I am unable to adjust the arrangements of my flight.”

Her sharing has garnered both favorable and negative responses, most notably in reference to her decision to publicly disclose that she is a Covid-positive individual.

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