A “7+7” quarantine period is a goal for Ho Iat-seng, Macau’s chief executive, if the Covid-19 pandemic stabilises locally and on the mainland this summer.

There are currently 14 days of medical observation in hotels followed by 7 days of home quarantine for international visitors, as well as those from medium and high-risk areas like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Ho announced on Monday that quarantine measures known as “7+7” have already been implemented in four cities on the mainland, involving a 7-day period of medical observation followed by a 7-day period of home isolation.

During the summer break, Macau plans to keep an eye on the mainland’s 10+7 measures and shorten the current quarantine period if necessary.

Ho claimed that he had no say in whether or not the borders between Hong Kong and Macau would be reopened. Instead, the health and safety agencies will be in charge.

Macau and Zhuhai only require nucleic acid test results seven days prior to departure, according to Ho.

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