The RFI Clubs in Burkina Faso have launched Operation Anw Ka Kêlê (Our Fight in the Dioula language), with the slogan “I accept, I protect myself, I protect,” with the goal of raising public awareness about barrier gestures and hygienic measures.

Anw ka kêlê is a project run by the Burkina Faso Network of RFI Clubs with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Europe’s Crisis and Support Center as well as France Media World. This initiative lasted seven months and covered eleven parts of the country, including Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso, Boromo, Houndé, Zorgho, Manga, and others.

Through the distribution of leaflets, a comic strip, and other communication tools such as poster campaigns on important roadways, this project aims to create awareness among local communities about the true occurrence of the disease and the barrier measures to be observed. This operation, which has been approved by the health authorities, is a supplement to national preventative initiatives.

More than 65 members of RFI groups distributed hydroalcoholic gels, face masks, and soap balls to the general public in order to reinforce simple hygiene gestures and change habit.

We will benefit from this operation.

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