Portugal has the highest number of new cases of SARS-CoV-2 cases per million residents in the previous seven days within the European Union, and second worldwide.

Our World in Data reported that the daily average of new infections increased from 2,290 per million people last week to 2,580 this Monday. Other countries that saw a spike in new cases include Italy (334), Germany (338), Greece (351), and Spain (449).

Taiwan has the highest number of new daily infections (3,420) of any country or territory with more than one million people. Others with high numbers are Panama (727), New Zealand (1,360), Australia (1,440), Singapore (1,460), and Portugal (1,460).

Portugal again has the highest rate of new daily deaths from Covid-19 in the European Union (3.19), with virtually no change since last week, when it was at 3.17. Other countries with high death rates are Finland (2.99), Spain (2.15), Ireland (1.72), and Greece (1.56).

Looking at territories and nations with over a million people, Taiwan has the most frequent daily mean of new deaths attributed to COVID-19 (3.95), followed by Portugal, Finland, New Zealand, and Spain.

The EU’s mean for fresh daily infections per million residents is 269.51, with new daily deaths at 0.91. These values are ​​lower than what it was the previous Monday.

The global average for new infections is 62, and the worldwide average for deaths linked to Covid-19 is 0.19, which is also down from the report of previous week.

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