Panama declared a health status emergency for monkeypox on Wednesday, ordering increased epidemiological monitoring at entrance points and allowing hospital wards to help patients with the virus, despite the fact that no active cases have been reported in the country.

The Health Ministry said in an announcement that “the Health Minister, Luis Francisco Sucre, issued a proclamation of medical emergency throughout the nation in light of the likely presence of monkeypox.”

This warning, according to the statement, requires health care providers in both institutes to report every case where a person exhibits worrisome signs of the condition.

It was also instructed to increase epidemiological monitoring in hospitals and entrance points around the country prior to the coming of anyone exhibiting symptoms of the disease.

Panamanian officials are concerned that the monkeypox virus could reach the country because of its extensive logistical infrastructure, which includes an inter-oceanic channel, several ports, and an airport terminal with one of Latin America’s largest aviation links.

According to the note, the Panamanian government has started to alter some isolation rooms in clinics in Panama City and San Miguelito, a large region near the Panamanian city, to deal with hypothetical situations.

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