Two Omani youngsters who have been suffering from renal failure had their kidneys transplanted at the Royal Hospital. They received kidneys from a patient who was in a vegetative condition.

“A vegetative state patient gave his kidneys to two youngsters (Durar and Aseel) suffering from renal failure in order to make their lives easier and more pleasant. Two youngsters who were on dialysis received kidney transplants from the hospital’s transplant division.” In a statement, the Royal Hospital said.

Durar’s mother, Salima Al Saadi, revealed that her son had been suffering for 6 years and that after the kidney transplant, the drugs were lowered and the child’s psychological condition altered.

“My son Aseel’s procedure was fortunate after suffering from the disease for eight years,” Abdullah Al Balushi, the child’s father, stated.

Such efforts, according to the Head of the Organ Transplant Dept at the Royal Hospital, are part of the national program for organ transplantation, which includes efforts from various hospitals across the Sultanate to assist some patients who do not have medically qualified donors in restoring their lives and staying away from dialysis machines.

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