During North Korea’s first COVID-19 vaccination campaign, supreme leader Kim Jong Un proclaimed that the vaccines were an “immortal potion of love” he had given to his people. Through passing vehicles, North Korean leader Kim’s Jong-voice was heard at vaccination sites, according to The Daily Star.

The recent outbreak of Covid has prompted North Korea to begin distributing vaccines. For the time being, the Covid jabs have only been directed at soldiers who are involved in national construction projects.

There will be loudspeaker announcements at vaccination sites, according to the Daily Star, which claims that broadcast vehicles will play messages from Kim Jong Un’s propaganda machine. As the Chinese vaccines are administered to the soldiers, political “propaganda messages” are played loudly.

In a Chinese province that borders North Korea, there have been reports of covid cases.

It was described as a “vaccination of love from the highest dignity” by the media outlet. They were given an “immortal potion of love” by the general secretary as they received their vaccinations, a second broadcaster reported.

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