Israel’s COVID chief announced on Tuesday that the country would stop isolating coronaviruses by the end of June.

According to Prof. Salman Zarka, an important policy adjustment will only take place if infection rates continue to be low next month.

Because there is no known strain that could spark a new outbreak, an official from the Ministry of Health told Haaretz that the hospital’s precautionary measures can be relaxed.

Virus carriers in Israel have been placed in isolation since the outbreak of the epidemic two years ago.

Current events, as well as their interpretation In the previous two years, millions of Israelis have been quarantined or segregated. School quarantine restrictions in Israel were abolished in January, and weekly antigen testing was imposed as a result. When two home antigen tests came back negative, Israel reduced the quarantine period from seven to five days.

The Israeli Ministry of Health confirmed 2,295 new cases of COVID on Monday. This number has remained stable since April.

Recent decreases in Israel’s infection coefficient (also known as the R number) suggest the epidemic there is winding down.

According to a Health Ministry official, if this tendency continues, confirmed carriers will no longer require isolation.

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