2020 (and much of 2021) was dominated by Covid-19, but 2022 might see the emergence of a new deadly virus. The virus which is endemic in Central and West African has been seen in clusters on several occasions. The Monkeypox virus is now inspiring worldwide panic due to its minor occurences in Europe, parts of Africa, and the Americas.

With the recent coronavirus still in the minds of all, there are concerns that this viral illness would put lead to disruption of normal daily activities, just as we were readjusting to normal. According to experts, on the other hand, unlike the Covid-19 (an RNA virus that easily mutates), monkeypox will not easily mutate because it is a DNA virus.

The first monkeypox fatality in Nigeria this year occurred in May. It was a “40-year-old patient with underlying health problems.” On Sunday, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) said 21 of the 66 suspected samples came back positive for monkeypox which is endemic in Nigeria.

Between January 1 and the end of April, 15 new monkeypox infections were discovered. Six more were found in May.

The NCDC reported that genomic monitoring is continuing at its National Reference Laboratory in Abuja. As of now, all of the Monkeypox virus infections have been linked to the West African lineage.

The health agency has advised the Nigerian people to be on guard for symptoms of the virus and follow public health and safety guidelines..

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