In Romania, there are presently 2,905,055 verified instances of coronavirus infection. This figure was reached after 467 new infections were discovered in the previous 24 hours.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, the Ministry of Health announced new cases of illness, an updated mortality toll, and a county-by-county breakdown of the situation. According to the most current declaration of the account’s balance, four fatalities have occurred, one of which occurred previous to the reference period. 

As a result, the total number of COVID-related deaths in Romania reached 65,640. There are currently 711 COVID patients in Romanian hospitals, with 125 suffering from severe forms and being treated in Intensive Care Units. 

This hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) presently has 125 patients, 113 of whom have not been immunized. Only 53 of the total hospitalized patients are youngsters, and they are all inpatients. This represents a 7-day reduction from the previous day, but the number of children treated at ATI remains the same at 0.

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