On Thursday, Nepal reported 11 more PCR-confirmed coronavirus cases in the previous 24 hours, bringing the total number of illnesses to 979,163. According to the Ministry of Health, there were three positive outcomes from 1,182 antigen tests.

As of Thursday, the country had carried out 5,708,350 PCR tests and 1,197,612 antigen tests. Over the last 24 hours, 1,413 PCR tests were performed, according to the Health Ministry.

No Covid-19-related deaths have been reported in the country in the last twenty-four hours, according to the Health Ministry. The death toll in the United States has grown to 11,952 since the outbreak began. According to the ministry, 967,110 people have recovered from the illness, with eight people recovering in the previous twenty-four hours. There are currently 101 active cases.

Two infections were reported in Madhes in the preceding twenty-four hours, eight in Bagmati, and one in Gandaki.

On Wednesday, Nepal reported 12 new PCR-confirmed coronavirus cases. Eight new PCR-confirmed coronavirus cases were reported on Tuesday, while five new PCR-confirmed coronavirus cases were reported on Monday.

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