Maputo Mozambican health authorities reported 133 cases reported of Covid-19 in the previous three days.

At first glance, the amount may seem worrying, considering that a few weeks ago just a couple of new cases were recorded a day.

Most new cases were detected in Maputo, Matola, and Gaza. No instances were documented north of the Save River, which divides southern and central Mozambique.

Number of current cases and positive rate have climbed substantially   These numbers are partly attributed to Maputo and Gaza.

The Health Ministry recorded 35 additional cases on Sunday (compared with 64 on Saturday and 34 on Friday).

19 women and 16 males aged 8-70 were arrested on Sunday. Two foreigners and 33 Mozambicans died (as is standard practice, the release did not disclose their nationalities).

Maputo city reported 21 new cases , Gaza 13, and one case was from Maputo region. Central or northern Mozambique had no cases. All new instances were from the south. On Friday, 97% and Saturday, 98.4%.

Since the epidemic began, 1,330,662 individuals have been coronavirus-tested, 353 on Sunday. 318 tests were negative, while 35 positive instances increased the total to 225,968.

Friday’s positivity rate was 5.2%, Saturday’s was 8.27%, and Sunday’s was 9.92%.

On Friday, a 39-year-old man from Covid-19 died in Maputo. Saturday and Sunday were death-free. Mozambique’s Covid-19 death toll is 2,204.

No Covid-19 patients were released or hospitalised Sunday. Four individuals in Maputo and one in Gaza were in Covid-19 wards. These patients weren’t ICU.

Sunday, 18 Maputo residents were deemed Covid-19 survivors. Total recoveries are 223,482, or 98.9% of Covid-19 cases in Mozambique.

Friday, there were 197 active Covid-19 instances; by Sunday, there were 278.  

In the last 24 hours, 1,973 persons were immunized against Covid-19, according to the Ministry. This raises the total number of completely vaccinated adults to 14,274,879, or 93.9%.

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