Three people with indications of Monkeypox were admitted to de martino hospital

Suspected monkeypox cases admitted to De Martino Hospital in Mogadishu. Joint investigation underway by Somali Ministry of Health and WHO. Lab results pending, indicators suggest monkeypox. Additional case reported in Somaliland.

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Three suspected monkeypox patients with symptoms have been admitted to Mogadishu's De Martino Hospital, according to Capital Online.


According to reliable sources, two of them were in Mogadishu and the other had recently returned from South Africa.

The Somali Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization are undertaking a joint investigation, according to medical sources at the facility.

The results of three people who were tested at a lab are still pending.

"We can't be sure it's still monkeypox until the laboratory results come back," the insider told Capital Online. "However, there are indicators, and we're awaiting the outcomes."

One case of monkeypox has also been discovered in Somaliland, according to Capital Online.

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